Jeff Crowder

On Friday March 14th 2014 the AAS with the kind support of the US Embassy in Vienna we were presenting a very special event with great success. <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

An evening with author Jeff Crowder, „Kaliwiener“ (The Californian Viennese) who presented the funniest Austrian-English mistakes and his wackiest translations from English into Austrian Dialect. Presented with a PowerPoint presentation and a reading.


THE DEBUT OF “THE ENGLISH DRILLBOOK FOR GERMAN SPEAKERS                                                                

Jeff Crowders story begins as his parents brought him to Salzburg on vacation when he was two years old, first thing they did to him – they bought him – fortunately not a “Dirndl” but a pair of “Lederhosn” and brainwashed him with “The Sound of Music” and he was not allowed to watch movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger – perhaps being afraid that he becomes another “Terminator”. He was fortunate to survive all of this and in 1997 he arrived in Vienna to teach at the American Institute of Education, for many years now he is living in Vienna and is working as a freelance educator of the English language. During his time he found out that the German language has really nothing in common with the Austrian dialect.

Welcoming remarks: Vic Huber

On this evening we had the best ever attendance of an event of the Austro-American Society, about 140 people came to listen to Jeff Crowder

His book can be purchased in the following bookstores:


Schwarzenbergstraße 5

1010 Wien


INTU Books:
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 13
1040 Vienna


Frankgasse 4

1090 Wien